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This initiative aims to show children what real success looks like and to help them discover that the seeds of greatness lie within them.

Steps to success is a free goal achievement program privately funded for the benefit of children in the North of England and Southern Scotland by Foundation Group of Companies.

The initiative begins with a visit from our resident hero Craig Heap (more about Heapy here) who shares the story of hope, encouragement and northern grit which showcases his way of life.

Following Craig’s initial presentation, children are encouraged to invest in themselves by setting up their own goals and plans to achieve them.

To maximise the initial visit the children are able to download additional success tips from the site and there is ongoing encouragement from Craig through #heapsterstour on Twitter.

Obviously, teachers are also encouraged in supporting the theme in any way they can and particularly with forming “success groups”.

The children that continue to focus on their goals and update their ladders will receive secret twitter #hashtags and a £50 prize will be given out each month for the biggest “personal best” achievement.

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‘How wonderful is the influence of a hero on children!’
Andrew Carnegie